Upcoming Events

 Join us on September 24, noon to 5, upper Madison Avenue street fair.  We will be sharing information about Albany Friends Meeting and Quaker work in the world.  And giving out Temporary Peace Tattoos, in hopes of a permanent peace!  Kids welcome.

Join us Tuesday, October 17, 7 p.m to 9 p.m. at Albany Friends Meeting House for The Power of Story to effect racial justice and healing.  All welcome.

Friends for Racial Healing have found that stories provide an excellent way to bring
understanding and insights to the diversity of our community. Sometimes the stories are
funny and sometimes they make us cry, they always bring us joy in being together.
Our guest teller, Sandy Powell, is a member of the Friends for Racial Healing Committee, which is a subcommittee of the Friends for Racial Justice. They use stories as a medium to share, inspire, educate and open space for true understanding about the deeper issues of racism an its impact.
For further information, please contact Audrey Seidman,
seidmanaudrey@yahoo.com or 518-459-0661


Northeastern Regional Meeting at Albany Friends Meeting House, Sunday, October 29, 9:30 to 3:00       Focus = how can we as Quakers help to heal racism     Call Janet Poole at 1 518-477-5443 for more information.


Building a Culture of Multi-Age Inclusion

Join Emily Provance, Interim Young Adult Field Secretary, for any or all of the following video conference conversations.  In these one-hour gatherings, we’ll have worship, discussion, and concrete activities.

A note on our videoconference platform: Zoom is quite easy to use.  Enter the link into your browser about fifteen minutes early the first time you use it so that you have time to download the app.  You will need a webcam in your browser.

Tuesday, September 26th, 8pm – Getting Outside the Meetinghouse

The most common reason young adults give for not participating in a faith community is the perception of irrelevance.  How can we do a better job of doing meaningful work in our neighborhood communities?  How can we shift the focus for all ages so that we are (and appear to be) vibrant, relevant meetings with a strong emphasis on service and witness? https://zoom.us/j/524230219

Wednesday, October 4th, 8pm – Supporting Friends in Multi-Age Spaces

What does multiage inclusion look like in the day-to-day of our meetings?  In this session, we’ll focus on how to integrate children and youth into traditionally “adult” spaces as well as adults into traditionally “young person” spaces.  We’ll also talk about the particular types of support that each age group will need in order to participate meaningfully and confidently in multiage groups.  LINK: https://zoom.us/j/856453813

 Thursday, October 12th, 8pm – Reinterpreting Traditions in the Light

Do we always recognize the difference between our testimonies, which are eternal, and the ways in which we express those testimonies, which may change over time?  We’ll work through some exercises to help us understand how our meeting’s culture and the leadings of Spirit can be separated in our minds so that we can be prepared to recognize needs for cultural change as we move forward to more faithful multiage inclusion.  LINK: https://zoom.us/j/778899506




Melinda Wenner Bradley, NYYM Children and Youth Field Secretary, will be visiting Albany Friends Meeting on behalf of the Outreach and Advancement Committee.

She will lead a semi-programmed, multigenerational Meeting for Worship. Melinda will share a Faith & Play story and the gathered community of all ages will wonder together about the message before entering into waiting worship.

There will be a potluck following worship, and then Melinda will lead us in activities and discussion about approaches to building multigenerational spiritual community and supporting families in local meeting communities.

She will also share with us ways to engage with our communities in times of crisis.

Please plan to attend this very special event.      All are welcome.   Call Judith Fetterley with questions.


Ongoing Events

Every Sunday, 9:15–10:00, Worship Sharing in preparation for Meeting for Worship

1st Sun.,  11:30-1 p.m., Writing Group: Bring your work or come for inspiration. Info: Elizabeth Gordon: walk33@gmail.com.
1st Wed., 12:15-1 p.m., Monthly Peace Vigil in front of Capitol, State and Eagle St. Info: 595-9324

2nd Sun., following social hour, Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business.  No Business Meeting in August.  In September, Business Meeting is held after Friendly potluck on third Sunday.
3rd Sun.,  Friendly potluck after Rise of Meeting for Worship. All are welcome whether or not you have brought a dish to share.  No potluck in August.
4th Sun., 9–10:00 Hymn Sing
4th Sun., Faith and Practice sharing after social hour.

Every Wed., 7 p.m., Meeting for Worship with Margaret Smith at Eddy Heritage House Nursing Home. Info: Steven: 542-6000


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